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Jestem maniakalnym zbieraczem bootlegów Beatlesów.Załozyłem tego bloga aby podzielić się swoimi zbiorami.W miarę wolnego czasu będę publikował kolejne plyty.
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I'm a fanatic collector of The Beatles bootlegs. I have created this blog in order to share my collection with others. Whenever time allows, I'll be uploading new records.
Best regards from Poland to everybody visiting my blog!

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Wszystkie pliki zostały zamieszczone informacyjnie i dla własnych potrzeb (uszkodzenie komputera lub utrata nośników).
Od momentu ściągnięcia na dysk pliki należy usunąć w ciągu 24h, chyba, że posiadasz ich oryginalną i legalną wersję. Wykorzystywanie ich w celach komercyjnych jest niezgodne z prawem.

All files were placed informationally and for their own needs (damaging the computer or loss of carriers).
From the moment of taking down to the disk one should remove files in 24 hrs, unless you have their original and legal version. Using them to commercial purposes is unlawful.

sobota, 13 sierpnia 2011



side 1
John talks to Jim Steck in Los Angeles on 24th August 1964.
John discusses :

1.The crowd at the Hollywood Bowl
2.Commercial radio
3.Origin of the name, The Beatles
4.Long hair
5.Skiffle/Forming the band
6.Future plans
7.Educational background and scholastic failures
8.The housing of Liverpool

side 2
All four Beatles are interviewed by Dave Hull, who was already known to them as "the one who gave out our addresses".
The interviews are conducted on 25th August 1964.
Discussion points :

1.Paul - Jane Asher and her family
2.John - Wife having a baby
3.George - His mother answering fan's letters/Patti Boyd
4.Paul - Giving away addresses
5.John - A Hard Day's Night/New house in Surrey
6.Ringo - Throat operation
7.Paul - His dad's racehorse, "Drake's Drum"
8.Ringo - Maureen/Disneyland
9.George - Disneyland


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